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In Committee

Committees are at the core of the Senate's work. They are recognized for their major contribution to legislation and public policy. Committees were called "the heart and soul of the Senate" by Senator Muriel McQueen Fergusson, the first woman Speaker of the Senate, because of their focus on social, economic and political issues.

There are currently sixteen standing Senate committees: Aboriginal Peoples; Agriculture and Forestry; Banking, Trade, and Commerce; Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators; Energy, the Environment, and Natural Resources;  Fisheries and Oceans; Foreign Affairs and International Trade; Human Rights; Internal Economy, Budgets, and Administration; Legal and Constitutional Affairs; National Finance; Natural Security and Defense; Official Languages; Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament; Social Affairs, Science and Technology; and Transport and Communications.

Senator Deacon is currently a member of both the Agriculture and Forestry (AGFO) committee and the Banking, Trade, and Commerce (BANC) committee, serving as Deputy Chair for AGFO. 

Committees range from five to fifteen members. Most committees are composed of fourteen members (including the two ex officio members) and require a quorum of four members. Quorum is the minimum number of senators needed to constitute a meeting.

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