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Carbon Sequestration

Senator Deacon is passionate about positioning Canadian agriculture as a leader in the green recovery from climate change and COVID-19, by rewarding farmers for the environmentally friendly practices they implement at the individual farm-level. By financially incentivizing regenerative agricultural practices that sequester carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in safely in our agricultural soils, Canadian agriculture can act as a meaningful contributor in the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. On top of GHG reductions and increased farm-gate revenue, regenerative agricultural practices improve soil health and productivity, the resiliency of crops to withstand extreme weather events, and with proper implementation, can help to re-establish Canadian agriculture as a global leader in exports, agri-tech, and innovation. 

Following consultations with academic specialists, industry leaders, and farmers themselves, we have garnered compelling evidence to support the thesis that agriculture can play a meaningful role in addressing climate change by reducing net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The attached files further describe the variety of benefits that carbon sequestration can provide to the Canadian agricultural sector. 

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