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What Motivates Our Office

We live in a disrupt or be disrupted world, and global competitive pressure demands that we address the challenges and opportunities of digitization, climate change and diversity with an unrelenting sense of urgency. To this end, our team is searching to identify and advance actionable and sustainable market-based solutions that deliver increasing social and economic benefits to Canadians in an inclusive manner. We believe that enormous social benefits flow when government positions itself as a catalyst, enabling Canadians in communities throughout our country to build a more resilient economy.


How We Are Trying to Help 

Senator Deacon and his team are committed to finding solutions that challenge the status quo. Specifically, we are looking for ways in which Canada’s diverse and innovative communities can be empowered by building an inclusive culture of entrepreneurship. Among other issues, we work to find ways to help Canada:

  • incentivize individuals and organizations to invest in Canadian businesses, as they are the future of our economy;
  • create a culture that embraces competition to unlock Canadian innovation, productivity growth and consequently, greater prosperity;
  • ensure that government harnesses the capacity of Canadian innovators to contribute to the development and implementation of public policy;
  • work to steadily reduce our regulatory burden, but not its protections, and ensure that regulatory reform is agile enough to adjust to changing business models and technologies;
  • strengthen relationships and bridge silos between entrepreneurial communities and government by utilizing the convening power of our office;
  • work to position Canada as a leader in creating and implementing innovative and market-based solutions to climate change.